By: Mike Harford


Mike Harford

So I’m a week into not smoking ……

Last week I had Lisa Clark, from LAMBTON PUBLIC HEALTH come in and give me some tips on how to deal with quitting…..and she also had me breathe into this funky machine that registered my lung capacity … it said I have the lungs of a 51 year old… which sucks since I’m turning 45 in a week! 

I have had some touchy moments in the last week, I was a little grumpy but for the most part I did not kill anyone so I figure we are all winning! 


What is Different?

So far I have noticed less tightness in my chest , I can breathe better through my nose and I can smell and taste more…… Which is not all its cracked up to be …turns out smoking in your apartment makes the whole place smell like an ashtray!

I have been cleaning carpets like a mad man! 

I have discovered that my most difficult cravings are coming later in the day. (Probably the stress of peopling all day long! )

I have been using a fidget toy to keep my hands busy, and have discovered that if I chew on a candy or gum it gets me past the craving.


There’s an APP for that! 

Something else Im using to help is an app I downloaded on my phone called “Quit tracker”. It tracks my progress and rewards me with trophies when I hit little millstones. It also tracks things like money saved and how much I have not smoked.

So far I have saved $84.50. Not smoked 176 darts! And got back 1 day and 8 hours of my life! 



Maintaining a positive attitude!

I have had lots of support from my family and friends and a few have even decided to quit with me! The most important thing I am doing is maintaining a positive attitude about my quilting. When the cravings come I try to remind myself of all the benefits of quitting and it seems to be getting me through…..and my girlfriend likes kissing me more, so big win there lol!  


You can do it! 

If you are quitting or thinking about it …just do it …don’t wait for the right time to quit…the right time is now, and you can do it!   

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